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VMworld call for papers is now open

The VMworld 2014 call for papers is now open!  The deadline is May 2.  More details are here.

Mac admins, I’d love to see some presentations about effectively virtualizing Mac environments.  There’s lots of Mac users at VMworld.  It’s time to show great examples of Mac virtualization beyond the desktop.

VMware Hands-on Labs public beta

One of the most awesome parts of VMworld, at least in my opinion, is the Hands-on Labs.  There, you get to actually put the new product through its paces.

At VMworld 2012, one of our announcements (which I think kinda got lost in all of our other announcements) is that we’re going to make our Hands-on Labs available online.  Our first step towards that is live now: add yourself to our list for the public beta.  We’ll use this to figure out how much demand there actually is for this, and we’ll add people to the Hands-on Labs so that we can manage the experience and make sure that it’s all happily working for everyone.  So get on the list!

Full details are in the blog post announcing the public beta.

VMworld run down

This was my first VMworld, and I’ll post some thoughts about it later, but for now, here’s a great list of what happened at VMworld.  From my perspective, here’s one important point:

The new vSphere Web Client is where VMware is going, and you can tell this in the vSphere 5.1 release.

Once you install vSphere 5.1, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the web client.

BYOD for the VMworld Hands-on Labs

I know that the Hands-on Labs are one of the most popular parts of VMworld, including bragging rights if you finish all of them.  So one way to work on those bragging rights is the new BYOD for the VMworld Hands-on Labs.  We’ll still have the traditional workstations set up, but you can also use your own device.

My awesome team made a video about it, which you absolutely need to watch:

VMworld! next week!

Next week is VMworld, and I’ll be there.  Want to meet up?  Ping me (honestly, reaching me via twitter is probably going to be best, since my mail is going to get pretty backed up next week) and we’ll meet up for coffee or cocktails.