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VMware View Client

VMware View Client for Mac available now

Ever since I joined VMware last year, one of the top search hits for this blog has been “vmware view mac” and variants.  Today, I have great news: there is now an application to match that search.  Yes, VMware View Client is now available for the Mac — and it’s also joined by a View Client for Linux, an updated View Client for iPad, and a View Client for Android.  For more details, check out Pat Lee’s blog post.

To download the new View Client for Mac, start here.  That’s got the download link, the readme (yes, you should read the readme!), and a forum for providing feedback to us.

Go forth and download!

VMware View for iPad available now!

Today’s a great day for VMware.  We’ve launched View Client for iPad today, and it’s available in iTunes right now.  This app allows you to connect to your View desktop quickly over either wifi or 3G.  Engadget has a nice write-up which mentions my favourite feature: the virtual trackpad. has a great discussion of it too, which goes into a fair number of features (as well as some roadmap questions, such as Android versions).

But don’t just read about it, check out the demo:

And while you’re checking things out, you can see how the Children’s Hospital of Central California has been using it:

If you want to let us know what you think and discuss this cool new app, check out our community for VMware View for iPad.

Stay tuned, because there’s more iOS goodness coming soon …