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VMware Horizon App Manager is launched!

One of my first projects upon joining VMware was to give some user experience love to Project Horizon.  Today, we have launched VMware Horizon App Manager 1, which is the first piece of Project Horizon.

So what is the Horizon App Manager?  It’s a portal that allows end-users one-click access to cloud apps that their providers have deployed.  On the backend, it hooks up to Active Directory (or others).  What this means for the end user is that they don’t need a billion different usernames and passwords for all those cloud apps that they use.  For admins, they can quickly and easily deploy apps to users, also leveraging their existing Active Directory setup.  For example, they can say that everyone in the “sales” AD group gets access to Salesforce, or everyone in “engineering” gets access to WebEx.

I think it’s pretty spiffy.  If you’re interested in learning more, check out our site for Horizon App Manager.  There’s also already a bunch of coverage in the tech press, including:

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include our three-minute overview video, filmed right here on campus:

  1. I just realized that its acronym would be vHAM. I think this means that this is going to have to go un-acronymed.