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I love easter eggs

I love easter eggs.  They’re a great user experience if done right. They make people feel more connected to your product because they know one of its secrets.  Easter eggs remind people that there are real people behind what they’re using.  They let the team show some personality and a sense of humor.

Last year, someone discovered that we’ve shipped a game of Pong.  Last week, someone else discovered that there’s more to Pong than meets the eye.

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to discover other easter eggs …

Fusion 5 is here!

Before I get swept up in all of the VMworld madness, I’d better not forget to let you know that Fusion 5 has been released!  I’ve been dogfooding it for awhile, and ’tis awesome.  It works well with both Mountain Lion and Windows 8, not to mention the Retina display on the new MacBook Pro.

The thing that I’ve noticed the most is that Fusion 5 has made some great strides in performance.  I used to have to be careful with running Fusion if I wasn’t going to be near a power outlet soon, but now I don’t worry about it.

More details are over on the Fusion blog‘s announcement.

VMware Fusion 4 is out today!

Hello world!  Desktop virtualization just got a whole lot better with the release of VMware Fusion 4.

I’ve been using internal builds of Fusion 4 for months, which is one of the perks of being a VMware employee1.  It’s been awesome to watch it come together.  I’ve especially liked the performance improvements.  As a 64-bit Cocoa app, it got a fair performance boost over Fusion 3 just from that.  The development team has also done some performance tuning that’s turned it up a couple of notches too.

Personally, I’ve got a Win7 VM on my work machine right now.  I keep on meaning to burn through a bunch of disk space and install a bunch of other OSes2, and with the Win8 preview out there, I’ll probably check that one out too.

Fusion 4 is $50 through the end of the year, and I hear that there are coupon codes out there (as of this writing, I see that there’s one in the comments of the blog post I linked above) to knock it down even further.  Go forth and purchase!

  1. At least, if you’re an inveterate dogfooder like I am. I’m such an early adopter that I always jump on board dogfood the second it’s offered.
  2. Back in the Fusion 2 days, I had a Microsoft Bob VM for the entertainment value.