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Office:Mac 2011 getting started videos now available

In anticipation of the upcoming October 26 launch of Office:Mac 2011, we’re updating our website with new content.  The latest update is a series of quick videos to introduce you to each of the applications.  These are all produced in-house, even down to the voiceovers: those are all MacBU employees that you hear on the videos.

Here’s links to the videos for each app:

Q&A: Will the math add-in for Word 2010 come to Word:Mac 2011?

Joe asked:

Are there plans to bring the Math Add-in for Word/Onenote 2010 to Word 2011?

I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to, so I’ll try to cover all of the bases here.

If you’re referring to the Equation Editor in Word 2010, then yes: Word:Mac 2011 allows you to both edit equations created in Word 2010 for Windows, and you can create new equations in Word 2011 too.  Here’s what the Equation Tools tab in the Word:Mac Ribbon looks like (click on it for a full-size version):

Equation Tools
Equation Tools Ribbon in Word:Mac 2011

The Word 2011 help has lots of information about using equations, including plenty of details of how to create equations that will be able to be opened by older versions of Word.

Now, if you’re not talking about our built-in equation editor, then I think that you might be talking about the third-party MathType plug-in from Design Science.  I don’t know what their plans are.  I have my hands full in keeping up with what my team is up to, let alone other software vendors!