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Office:Mac 2011 getting started videos now available

In anticipation of the upcoming October 26 launch of Office:Mac 2011, we’re updating our website with new content.  The latest update is a series of quick videos to introduce you to each of the applications.  These are all produced in-house, even down to the voiceovers: those are all MacBU employees that you hear on the videos.

Here’s links to the videos for each app:

Q&A: does PowerPoint:Mac 2011 support “reduce file size”?

Steve asked:

Did PPT get the “reduce file size” ability of the Windows version?

Yes!  In PowerPoint:Mac 2011, go to File -> Reduce File Size.  When you do that, you get the following dialog:

Reduce File Size dialog
PowerPoint 2011: "Reduce File Size" dialog

For more information about reducing your file size, including the options you have for the picture quality, you can check out the help topic for it.

We’ve had a lot of requests for this feature, and here it is!