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Office:Mac 2008 (12.2.7) and Office:Mac 2004 (11.6.1) updates available now

Update Tuesday is here, and brings Office:Mac updates.

The latest version of Office 2008 is 12.2.7.  This update has security and stability improvements across the suite.  For Entourage users, there are improvements to Exchange support.  If you’re using Entourage for Web Services, the 12.2.7 update will update it to 13.0.7.  Full details about this update are available in the update’s Knowledge Base article.

The latest version of Office 2004 is 11.6.1.  This update has security improvements across the suite.  Full details about the update are available in its Knowledge Base article.

We also updated the Open XML File Format Converter.  It’s now at 1.1.7, and the update has security improvements too.  Its Knowledge Base article has the details.

To update, you can go to the Help menu of any Office application and then select “Check for Updates”.  Alternately, you can download directly from Mactopia.