I need a new password manager

I need a new password management application.  The one that I had previously been using (which won’t get named here) has been deleted due to anti-employee actions.  I’m looking for a password manager that works well on my Mac, allows for syncing passwords with multiple computers, and preferably has an iOS app too.

3 thoughts on “I need a new password manager”

  1. [redacted] is the name that immediately comes to my mind, but considering how popular the app is, I would be surprised if you didn’t already know about it and therefore suspect it’s the app you don’t want to use…
    I didn’t read anything about [redacted] in the news though so I’m not 100% sure they’re the company you don’t want to name.

    1. Sorry for the editing. I’m being very careful not to name the company or the application due to their recent behavior. Your guess was the correct one.

      So far, I’m hearing recommendations for LastPass and iCloud Keychain, so I’ll be giving those a trial.

  2. Then iCloud keychain is a logical choice as far as I am concerned. At least for Web site passwords.
    I’ve sied Wallet in the past, but it has a few bugs and last I heard, all development had stopped…

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