Q&A: Can I import my .PST files into Outlook:Mac?

Dean asked:

I am converting from Office:Windows 2010. Do my current .pst files work on Outlook:Mac 2011? If not, how do I convert from Office:Windows to Office:Mac?

Yes!  If you have a .PST file from Outlook for Windows (created using Outlook 2003 or later), you can import it into Outlook:Mac.  Just transfer the .PST file from your Windows computer to your Mac (such as putting it on a thumb drive), and then go to File -> Import in Outlook:Mac.

For full instructions for how to import your .PST file into Outlook:Mac, read this help file: Import a .pst file from Outlook for Windows.

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  1. Nadyne,

    When importing emails and contacts via a .pst file, everything goes well. However, when importing calendar items via a .pst file, there are issues. The events import, but they create a second calendar entry in the navigation pane that cannot be merged with the default calendar entry. Also, the import leaves a nuisance folder in the email navigation pane that cannot be deleted without wiping out the calendar entries. Seems like the calendar import is not up to snuff unless i am missing something.


    1. Let me look into it. Can you tell me what version of Outlook for Windows you created your .pst in?

  2. I figured out some additional info that might help troubleshoot this issue…

    About half of the imported events can be moved (although only 1 at a time, ugh!) from the second calendar entry into the default one. However the other half cannot. The half that cannot be moved all seem to be events that were not originally created by me, but rather were created when I accepted a meeting invitation.


    1. Is there any update to this? Has anyone figured out how to move these “other” events or invitations from other people….?

  3. i have a 14gb pst file from office 2007 outlook – importing into outlook 2011 for mac – i immediately get a spinning wheel for hours and hours – the activity monitor in mac says the cpu usage is literally at 100% all the time so i figure it is just working – what do i do?

  4. I will be getting a new mac and Office 2011 in a few days, my plan is to export my Office 2010 from my Win7 computer (that came with the job – i really tried to make it work on a win platform – sorry)

    anyways, I hope this imports flawless…

  5. it did… except what Tom points outs about the calendar, but I have just imported it and has that as \layer one\ and start using the default from now on. it’s the best I could do.

    exported from a Win7 Outlook 2010 into OSX Office 2011

  6. Hi,

    I have imported my .pst file which was 9GB to outlook 2011 for mac. the file was imported successfully with all the folders and subfolders as i want but i missing one thing.

    all my old email which has attachments still shows the attachment sign in outlook2011 but there is no attachment at all with the emails whereas i am able to open the attachment with the email i have received since i started using outlook2011.

    did anyone experience the same? let me know how to solve this? It is my 9 years of office email record.

    i am not willing to go back to PC’s after using the mac.

  7. when importing my outlook pc pst file to mac outlook 2011, some of them gave me the following error:
    \the outlook data file is saved in ANSI format which can’t be imported by outlook for mac\

    please advice if anyone knows how to fix it!

    1. The error you’re getting is because the .pst you’re trying to import is in the Outlook 97-2002 format.
      1. Create a new Archive using the Outlook 2003 format “Office Outlook Personal Folder”.
      2. Archive all of the data from the existing into the new .pst you’ve created.
      3. You should now be able to import the new .pst into Outlook 2011.

  8. Just found this myself in the Outlook help file!

    You need to import the ANSI .pst into Outlook on Windows which must be 2003 version or later, THEN you export and that gives you a .pst that CAN be imported by Outlook on Mac!

  9. Hey – it’s kinda wierd you haven’t added 24hrs clock… this AM/PM stuff is so outdated 🙂

    it’s pretty hard to do that right when you’re not familiar using it – please make a new update soon 😀

  10. I had entourage, and have like 20 folders in it with my previous emails. I am moving into outlook 2011 with exchange service. I want to import those folder, but not to have them in my excahnge account. I want to be able to see them, but dont want them in the exchange server. how do I do this?

  11. Thanks so much. I was able to do it, by posing a “on my computer” folder, and importing the .PST, wich imported all the folders of the entourage.
    Do you know if you can do this in the Mac mail?. Can you have your primary folders that synchronize with the exchange folder, and then another set of folders that do not synchronize with the exchange server?

  12. Hi,

    i am importing MS outlook to Mac Outlook 2011 but i cnat seem to get it into the smae folder as the email account and it result into so many folder in my outlook for mac. hwo do i properly import the *.pst as i have tried to follow step by step instruction ?

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